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Eduardo  Ossandón
            master chilean painter - realist style
still life subjects - oils
Galeria de Arte Marpau - information - espaņol
Born in Rengo, town located
in the Central Valley of Chile.

In 1952 he enters the Art world.
He registers at the Fine Arts School in Santiago.
He had as Art Masters Teachers some of the best
painters of those days, like Israel Roa
and Gregorio de la Fuente.

He accounts with an ample curriculum
of exhibitions and prizes.

Within the chilean painting he has been identified like a
great painter of still-life,but lately, he has began to paint,
with great success, countrysides and seascapes.
His production is soaked of simplicity and perfect tecnique.
By the use of grays, light blues, faded colors and black,
he achieves a great beauty in his artworks,
rich in material, and of a great drawing.

For more than forty years he has given himself to
the artistic life with an almost total dedication.
He has presented more than thirty exhibitions,
a large number of them in Venezuela and Spain.

He has always kept an unmistakable style,
his pictorial language is"Ossandón".

He is an artist that has contributed to the Chilean Art with
the spiritual essence and the
expressive suggestion of his artworks.



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