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Paula Loreto   Bosio A.
      outstanding chilean painter,impresionist and simbolist
Galeria de Arte Marpau - information - espaņol

Born in 1963 in Santiago, Chile.

While she attends her studies at High School, she wins at National
level, two first prizes in Painting Contests for secondary students.
She lives for some time in Quito, Ecuador, where she attends
the studio of the great Master Osvaldo Guayasamín.
Later, she follows her University studies, mention Artistic Design, at the " Fort Lauderdale Art. Institute ",
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.
Returning to Chile, she soon takes lessons of drawing and painting with Eugenio Dittborn and with Gracia Barríos.
Later, in Viña del Mar, she attends for two years the Art studio of the great
Master Hernán Larraín Perot.

Her plastic performance is clearly divided into
two periods.To the first one belongs her
sightseeing artworks: trees-water-mountains-birds.
MarPau Art Gallery offers this period's artworks
under the name of Loreto Bosio.

Since 1998 she enters to express herself in a
surrealist plastic expression.
She uses a very fine stroke full of brilliant colors.
Her artwork is not only of a grat technique.
It is also of a great luxury and fantasy.
Paintings of this period hold a kind
of an existentialist question.
To day she is a very well known surrealist painter.

She has exhibited her paintings in Ecuador,
Fort Lauderdale and in some chilean cities as Copiapó,
El Salvador, Potrerillos and Viña del Mar.
The artworks shown as Paula Bosio's belong
to this second and actual period.

Most of her painting are in private collections
in Ecuador and Chile.

Permanent exhibitor at MARPAU Art Gallery,
Viña del Mar-CHILE.



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